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  1. Beard-phobia

    Reda Mahmoud, 34 years old, teacher and member of Muslim Brotherhood who took part in Rabaa sit-in and got injured with a bullet i…

  2. Beard-phobia

    Mohamed Badr, 32 years old, Imam of a mosque and former member of Muslim Brotherhood. He used to have a beard after the revolution…

  3. Beard-phobia

    Ahmed Samir, 33 years old, a businessman who became a Salafi and had a beard since 2001. After dispersing of Pro Morsi protesters…

  4. Beard-phobia

    Hosam Fathi, 23 years old, stands with his dog “Jana”. He is a student who used to have a beard as a part of his lifestyle. He nev…

  5. Beard-phobia

    Mohamed Galal, 26 years old, a dentist and Salafi activist. He took part in Rabaa sit-in and spent 40 days there. State security p…

  6. Beard-phobia

    Alaa Zaghlol, 35 years old, an activist who used to take part in many political events and protests against Muabarak regime and mi…

  7. Beard-phobia

    AbdulRahman, 25 years old, a researcher and metal music fan who decided to shave off his beard after facing problems during taking…

  8. Beard-phobia

    Waled AbdulNasser, 40 years old, Imam of mosque and member of Muslim Brotherhood who used to have a beard after the revolution the…

  9. Children from Qorsaya island holding a kite with the slogan “Save Qorsaya.” Next to them, there are paintings they have painted themselves to explain to visitors of the island the army attempts to confiscate their land.

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    Badr Ibrahem (37 years old) lost his left hand fingers when he was preparing a tea kettle at the desert south of Dabaa.

  11. Qorsaya people surrounded their land overlooking the Nile by an iron fence in an attempt to protect it from repeated attempts of confiscation by army forces members over 2007 and 2008.

  12. On September 11, 2007 Qorsaya resident were shocked to see about 100 Armed Forces officers arrive to their island on the large boats to confiscate their land and expel them using electric shock batons and sticks.

  13. Qorsya Island, an area of ​​about 139 acres, is a part of Dahab Island in Giza Governorate and is administratively following Giza. Qorsaya population is about 5 thousand people who work as farmers fishermen and other jobs. Most of the island’s population

  14. Qorsaya island ferry taking some residents across the Nile River, while fumes rising from the tires ignited by the residents to block al-Bahr al-Azam street in protest to the killing of one of them.

  15. Blocking the road continued for 11 hours, after which security services and the Freedom and Justice Party intervened to resolve the problem.

  16. Angry residents block al-Bahr al-Azam street, across the Nile form their island, after a man was killed during the army confiscation of their island.

  17. The aftermath of the Army soldiers storming a villa owned by a wealthy resident of the island.

  18. On 18 November 2012, Qorsaya people were surprised again to see army members entering the island by the Nile, which led to clashes that killed a fisherman called Mohammed Abdel Mawgood,25 years old, and injured 5 soldiers, while 25 other residents were ar

  19. Qorsaya residents depends heavily on agriculture, livestock and fishing, so they believe that their lives would be impossible outside the island where their ancestors have lived for about 100 years. The people of the island felt relatively stable after a

  20. Qorsaya residents in front of State Council Court, which ruled in their favor after two years of litigation. The final judgment issued in 2010 committed the Council of Ministers and the ministries of defense, agriculture and environment to leave the islan

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