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Egypt photojournalist - Mohamed Ali Eddin

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    A worker washes up at the end of the day to remove the silver powder from his body.

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    A worker unravels the cloth protecting his hand after eleven hours of working on the polishing machine

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    Eslam (11 years old) and Mohamed (12 years old) stand outside the workshop at the end of the day waiting for their wages. The chil…

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    Sayed, 22, thought that his work at a polishing workshop was his only chance for earning money and getting married. He said, “the…

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    The polishing process is often done in narrow and over-heated rooms.

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    Aluminum workers don’t stay at the same workshop for long periods. They move between workshops every six months

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    A young worker poses at an aluminum polishing workshop in the city of Mit Ghamr, in Egypt’s Delta.

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    Mit Ghamr has been a major producer of aluminum pots in Egypt since 1967. Peasants left their plots to join the new industry and e…

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    A workshop owner drinks tea while talking with one of his customers.

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    Female and child workers packing the pots during the final process before sale.