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Egypt photojournalist - Mohamed Ali Eddin

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  1. The islanders have invented new ways to express their attachment to their island, like walking in made-up funerals and carrying the bodies of some of them, then putting them in holes that look like graves so as to prevent the army from confiscating their

  2. The army had visited the island three months before this incident, during which military engineers calculated the whole size of ​​the island. That was followed by official letters sent to resident by the Agriculture Ministry terminating the contract with

  3. On September 11, 2007 Qorsaya resident were shocked to see about 100 Armed Forces officers arrive to their island on the large boats to confiscate their land and expel them using electric shock batons and sticks.

  4. Limited clashes erupted between the people and the army on 28 October, 2007 when the army tried to confiscate new parts of the island that include a number of residents’ homes, but failed.