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Egypt photojournalist - Mohamed Ali Eddin

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The Battle over Qursaya Island

In their island, which the Nile separates from the noise of the city, the people of Qursaya have been living a painful life for six years. Farmers and fishermen are forced to struggle against the Armed Forces and businessmen to stop the repeated attempts to expropriate their lands. Since 2007, the residents have been resisting this with all means, until they obtained a court ruling in 2010 that confirmed their right to stay on their island. However, the state, with all its executive authorities, ignored the ruling.

Today, after the Hosni Mubarak regime has fallen and millions have revolted demanding “bread, freedom and human dignity,” one of the island residents was killed during clashes with the army, while 26 others face military trials on charges of assaulting members of the Armed Forces. In this story, we narrate the suffering and resistance of the Qursaya people suffering over six years in attempts to stay on their land.

  1. Qorsaya island ferry taking some residents across the Nile River, while fumes rising from the tires ignited by the residents to block al-Bahr al-Azam street in protest to the killing of one of them.