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Egypt landmine legacy

The WWII was over since 1945, although inhabitants at the North-west coast of Egypt still suffer from the legacy of landmines. The Alliance and Axis armies withdraw from the area, ended a bloody era. They also became friends and partners but their landmines still there kill and injury the inhabitants. At Allamein, Dabaa, Sidi Brani and other cities of the North-west coast of Egypt there are no accurate maps of landmines. These portraits tell the story the injured who survived to live under the shadow of death with no legs, arms or eyes

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    Badr Ibrahem (37 years old) lost his left hand fingers when he was preparing a tea kettle at the desert south of Dabaa.

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    Awad Ali (60 years old) lost his left leg when a landmine exploded south of the city of Dabaa. After the injury Awad could not con…

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    Before the injury, Hajj Manna (50 years old) was the ‘legend of Dabaa’. According to the Dabaa inhabitants Hajj Manna was escortin…

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    Shareefa (69 years old) lost her right arm and two fingers of her left hand and got deep cuts at her legs and chest after a landmi…

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    Abdul Monem (42 years old) lost his left hand fingers when a landmine capsule exploded near him. He said: “I was so young and the…

  6. Egypt Landmine Legacy

    Kasem Samlos (46 years old) ‘Dabaa Mechanic’ . Kasem lost his left leg when he was 16 years old during escorting camels to the des…

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    Dawee Kherlahaa (70 years old) lost his arms in a landmine explosion.

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    Amakeed (55 years old) lost his right eye and his left one heavily damaged in addition to deep wounds in his arms

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    Mastour (45 years old) passed on a landmine and lost his left arm, eye and sensitive parts of his body. He divorced his wife after…

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    Sultan Musa (52 years old)

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    Kassem (48 years old) lost his right arm when he was escorting sheep south of Allamein. He’s angry of the countries responsible of…