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Egypt photojournalist - Mohamed Ali Eddin

  1. Silver Faces

    Over the past fifty years Mit Ghamr has been transformed from an agricultural city to a huge industrial hub. At the heart of the E… more

  2. Workers' revolution

    Seventy-one kilometers away from Cairo, 300 workers decided to make their own revolution against the owner of a company called Nub… more

  3. Egypt landmine legacy

    The WWII was over since 1945, although inhabitants at the North-west coast of Egypt still suffer from the legacy of landmines. The… more

  4. The Battle over Qursaya Island

    In their island, which the Nile separates from the noise of the city, the people of Qursaya have been living a painful life for si… more

  5. Beard Phobia

    During the 25 January Revolution, Egyptians thought they were united against President Mubarak’s regime. They believed in the powe… more

  6. Magda Haroun

    The president of the Jewish community in Egypt more